Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Alright so, it's been awhile. Here's what has happened in the past weeks. Well, of course you read about how the sea-monkeys in the "orginal" tank all died. and the ones in the "cryptobiosis" tank survived. It turns out only One sea-monkey has lived through-out all the chaos. He/She is still alive and growing like a little weed. I'm letting the "Original" sea-monkey tank's water evaporate so i could possibly start a new generation. But to my surprise with more than 50% of the water out of the tank. Lots of babies hatched, so i immediately put them in the "cryptobiosis" and it's been 3 days and they are all still alive and well, swimming strong and eating like pigs. So, an additional 4 sea-monkeys are in in making total amount to 5 including "Neptune" lol. i recieved an email confirming that my Order has been shipped from so hopefully in the next few weeks i'll be adding some more life to the tank. I will upload videos and Pic of the addition to the Small Sea world. So keep checking on the blog. for updates!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We will never forget, LMAO

I wake up this morning to tragedy. The sea-monkeys in their "Original" have all passed away except a few brave souls. The crazy thing is. In my custom tank, last-night iIput a few in. And they are Alive and thriving! weird.. Transcience has a product to keep them in but they were all wiped out. Here's a couple of pics to what i woke up to. The Scene of where the horrifying deaths occurred.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CBP 1.5

Ok so now i think i know where i want to go with this. So, here are some pictures of the setup for it.

the tank: 24 1/2 oz
Sea rocks
A sea shell
simple octopus decoration
plants (of course)
Air pump set on very very low.

Back to the Drawing board

Well, after looking into everything, it's going to be pretty tough to set up a 1 gallon tank. so, a little more research. Anywho so the new crew should be showing up by the weekend. If anyone has suggestions, comments or flames. Go for it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video uploads

here is the link to my Youtube video uploads.

check them out!

And so, a new dawn begins!

Alright, so i found some sea-monkeys in the Clearence bin at wal-mart. And I got a crazy idea! Lately the web has been flooded with these "Nano aquariums" they look pretty sweet, i'll add some pics, Either way the point is: A small aquarium with little fish that's kind of self sustained, Well i've been doing some research and there is a slew of Internet shops that sell, "cryptobiosis" animals. So, i'm going to build a nono aquarium with cryptobiosis animals. so, this blog is going to be a journal of building one. And just general discussions on the Sea-Monkeys, Sea-Dragons and other creatures i'll be putting in there.